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2011 Ball State Copyright Conference

Digital Teck 2 posterThis year I had the opportunity to attend the 8th annual Ball State Copyright Conference, affectionately named “Digital Trek 2: The Wrath of ©han” (Featuring Purdue’s own Donna Ferullo of the University Copyright Office)

This was my first year attending, and I was quite impressed. I ended up learning quite a bit that will be helpful with consulting with faculty. Though I enjoyed all the sessions I attended, including “©ell Phone Jailbreakers”, “©ase Law” and “iPad, Kindle, & E-Issues”, I was disappointed that I missed out on the Decision Trees session, though a co-worker loaned me the materials they were given.

Overall I thought it was a great conference, at a great location. The price was quite reasonable, the speakers engaging, and even the food provided was surprisingly good.

(Photo via Hans Aggard)

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